Love Songs For The Apocalypse

by The Feejee Mermaids

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released October 10, 2014

Produced by John Demczuk



all rights reserved
Track Name: 34 Blocks
This song has no lyrics
Track Name: Infernal
Looking to the west and the sun's getting dim.
I get a feeling like I'm slowly shrinking.
Looking to the east and there's nothing.
And in my stomach there's a sinking feeling.

I try to tell myself, but there's no use.
I'm just a glutton for the world's abuse.
I'm sick and tired baby, don't you doubt it.
It's about time that I did something about it.

They say that idle hands, they are the devil's playground.
I'm trying hard to keep the past behind me.
In everything I see, in every single sound,
I feel the strength of that demon inside me.

I feel it coming, man, the end is near.
I see the darkness and it's crystal clear
that pretty soon will come a day:
a final judgment when you all will pay!

Don't try to stop me, baby.
Don't fuckin' stop me.
Can't fucking stop me, baby;
There's no use!
Track Name: Skin Deep Love
Well, some things last forever
and others, they were never.
Like our love.
Do you call that love?
Skin deep love!

Well, for you my heart was beatin'
but instead I found you cheatin'
That's not love!
Forget your love!
Skin deep love!

Apologies can't mend it,
so I cut it off and sent it
to you, love.
Take that love!
Skin deep love!

Will I learn my lesson? NEVER!
It's not like these things last forever.
Fuck you, love!
Forget your love!
Skin deep love!
Track Name: Die Alone
Can you please show me the way out?
Rumor has it, there's an exit door.
I keep falling, but there is no doubt:
In this life we all need something more.
Something more!

We all di-i-ie alone
When we die, we all die alone!

On my hands and knees, lost in the dark.
No direction and no will to fight.
The only sound's the beating of my heart
as I slip into this endless night.
Where I sleep

We all...

From this mortal shell I am released.
I've crossed over to the other side.
Finally I rest and I'm at peace
as I bid this ugly world goodbye.

We all...
Track Name: Hell Freezes Over
Well, Dante's got a pair of damnation ice skates
He's going across a blood frozen lake.
Oh, where are all the venomous assassin snakes
And scorpions? Well, they're trying to hibernate

Cuz it's cold down here
It's Freezing down here
Gimme a boiling beer
Cuz it's cold down here
Something down in Hell has gone totally wrong
That's why the demons sing the Hell frozen over song

A polar bear's eating off Cerberus's three heads
Cleopatra's getting naked and she's starting to shed
Into a hot tub of hot tar and boiling flesh
While icicles stab Minos in his judgmental chest

Cuz it's cold...

Attila the Hun is in igloos of human skulls
Charon's suckin' a heresy ice popsicle
Orpheus plays a show on the river Styx
He wrote the devil a song and it went like this

It's cold down here...
Track Name: Have You Dead
Wouldn't ever have me
no fuckin' way
well, look at you babe
you're with me here today

oh baby!
yeah yeah yeah, baby!
if I can't have you alive
then, baby, I'll have you dead

I've got knuckles of brass
and a knife with a switch
I'm known around the town
as a son of a bitch

oh baby...

Oh well, the sun in the sky
and the moon up above
they don't understand
what I call love
Well I'm breaking through windows
knocking down doors
just to make you mine baby
and make me yours

well 1 and 1 is 2
and 2 is 2 is 4
well, you won't be saying "No" to me

oh baby...

Well, the sun in the sky
and the moon up above
they don't condone
what I call love
well I'm a-diggin' long and hard
in the cold, dark night
just to hold you baby
and squeeze you tight

Well you wouldn't ever have me...
Track Name: Black Night
black night, dark sky
choke away the darkness
like the light left in her eyes

dead still, fire bright
sure as hell i won't be
leaving here without a fight

take a look at me, my brother
tell me what you see
a soul as black as coal, a shadow
of what's left of me
tell me all you know and, boy, i'll
tell you all I've learned, but
i'll never bow to those who'll take what i have earned

dead still, dark night
they try to convince me
but i'll never see the light

cold cell, church spires
could tell you that i'm sorry
but i ain't no fuckin liar

well, take a look at me...
Track Name: Death Rattle & Roll
Shimmy-shimmy-shakin' on the bedroom floor
I heard a knock-knock-knockin' up upon the door
Nobody called the medics, they'd just arrived
That's when I told em no one makes it out alive

He was shakin'
Yeaahh shakin'
Sh-sh Shakin, doin' the Death Rattle and Roll.

Twist baby once
Shake baby twice
Die already baby rigor mortis feels so nice

He was shakin'
Yeaahh shakin'
Sh-sh Shakin, doin' the Death Rattle and Roll.

The way you love me baby gives me such a thrill
But then I just can't help the sudden urge to kill
When I tell you baby that I love you to death
We'll be shakin' baby til you're takin' your last breath.
Track Name: Radium Girls
brand new booming industry
turn of a new century
gives off an unearthly glow
consequences we don't know

atomic number 88
feeling ill and dropping weight
rotten teeth and bleeding gums
could it be the radium?!?!

painting lips and tracing lines
painting watch dials: out of time
anemic blood, it leaves me drained
splitting migraines wreck my brain

eyes sunk sallow, bones gone soft
half my face has fallen off
ill effects from damage done:
prolonged exposure...RADIUM!!!
Track Name: Nothing Left
Time passes by
We're all set in our ways and
Nothing changes, but we've seen better days
I drain the bottle, but it don't fill me up inside
There's nothing left, left to my life.

By now I've learned that no one's innocent and
We're just searching to find our medicine
Ain't no cure, ain't no cure to what I feel
There's nothing left and there's nothing real.

I can't change, even though I tried
I let you down, left you there to cry
Ain't no point waiting, ain't no point waiting up for me
Just leave me here, here in misery.
Track Name: Fear Of The Morays
In '68, pirates were invading in Vietman
Making the war more violent than it ever was
But Team Wet Stalker had a plan to make them go away;
Operation 44: Fear of the Morays

They would train morays like you would train a dolphin
Where to jump and where to be biting
Day of the mission, sent them up to enemy boat above
In go the morays, out comes the blood

In '84 a millionaire he made a beach resort
Beautiful bikini girls and swim up bars, of course
Wait, the water's turning red! Someone dropped a bloody mary!
No it's just a severed corpse caused by the morays
Track Name: Laid To Rest
Another stormy day turns into stormy night
another lifetime under ultraviolent light
tears and bloody rain trickle down my broken face
and I cannot wash the memory of you out of this place
and I'm slowly losing pace

Cuz, there's no hell way down below us
there's no heaven up above
this whole world, it doesn't know it's
laid to rest, just like our love

I was your chosen one, I was your morning star
I battled long and hard, I traveled wide and far
don't you worry, don't you cry, no don't you make a sound
you'll be mine forever baby, buried six feet underground
never ever to be found

Cuz there's no hell...

There's no heaven down below us
It's all hell here up above
this whole world it doesn't know it's
laid to rest, just like our love